Reverse Geocoding without Google – for free!

I have decided to translate my german post on this topic into english to help the english speaking visitors as well :)

People in need for a reverse geocoding API often tend to use the Google reverse Geocoding API. But this API has got a lot of limitations, and – oh well, it’s Google…

So if you are in need of a free to use, no restrictions and no hassle reverse geocoding API, read on. :)

Free Reverse Geocoding API provides a free to use API which you can access hassle-free – even without an API key. Using the API without a key just makes it a bit slower to use. So if you need to reverse geocode a lot of data, make sure you sign up for an API key – which is also free.

Usage Limits:

There are currently no usage limits but response times are normally throttled to no more than 1 request per second for un-authenticated users.

PHP Example: Using to reverse geocode a lat lng pair

Here’s a ready-to-use PHP function to call the API to reverse geodoe a lat lng pair.

The API then returns a JSON object as you can see below. The data quality is pretty good as far as I can tell, but take this with a grain of salt as I have not tried many different cities or regions yet.


If you are in need of a really cool free reverse geocoding API, look no further. This API is pretty quick, provides detailed data and -… it is free!!! :)

Reverse Geocoding without Google – for free!
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